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The Denture Man opens in Pukekohe

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Pukekohe people can now enjoy the services of The Denture Man. A trusted name in Auckland, with more than 34 years' experience and with established clinics in Papakura and Bombay, the Denture Man team is proud and excited to be able to now serve Pukekohe, says owner Roger Oliver.

"We're a clinic providing exceptional dentures straight to clients, and look forward to being able to serve the people of Pukekohe. Our team is passionate about dentures and we're known for our expertise and service excellence," says Roger. "All dentures are not created equally. Each individual has different needs. That's why we design and create our own exceptional range of dentures, catering to each patient's unique

requirements. All our dentures are designed and fitted in house for our patients' convenience, he


The knowledgeable and friendly team takes care of full dentures, which replace both upper and

lower arches, as well as partial dentures, which replace missing teeth, where some teeth remain.

"Technological dental advances allow us to provide a quality product directly to clients in a

short amount of time. That means no more tedious treatment plans. In fact, at The Denture Man,

with certain criteria, we can manufacture and fit dentures on the same day. Immediate dentures

are an option for having your teeth fitted on the day you have extractions. These are made before

extractions, ensuring you won't be walking around toothless."

The Denture Man also provides a same-day treatment for relines, which ensure a tighter fit for loose-fitting dentures, allowing you to get on with things staight away.

"Depending on tissue sensitivity, dentures usually settle within several days, allowing you to feel comfortable with them in. In some cases, patients may require some adjustments due to some tight-fitting areas caused by the pressure of new prosthesis. This all forms part of our after care service, which is included in out treatment. That means you won't be surprised by hidden costs"


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