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What are
Full Dentures?

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Full dentures are artificial gums and teeth that are created to replace removed or lost teeth and surrounding tissues. While partial dentures replace only a few teeth, full dentures are there to replace an entire row of teeth whether it’s for the top or bottom line, or in fact - both.

Dentures are designed to make eating and speaking feel natural and easy, and give you a natural-looking smile. No matter the type of dentures, we will design your dentures to fit your mouth perfectly and provide maximum comfort.

Different Types of Full Dentures

  • Ultimate Fit Dentures - our most innovative denture made with patented high-pressure injection technology. This denture creates high quality that fit every contour of your mouth, strong, lightweight and odour and stain resistant.

  • Premium Dentures - provides a high natural appearance, wear and stain resistant and extra-high density.

  • Economy Plus Dentures - a natural looking denture first set in a wax base to try before it’s completed and flexible to make changes to suit you and your dental needs. This denture often available the same day, however in some cases it may take longer.

  • Economy Dentures - the most affordable denture selected by many patients. We will determine the size, shape and look of the teeth based on your needs and is available with same-day service.

That's why we offer several styles of full dentures, each with its own distinct advantages. Visit us or give us a call to determine which denture styles currently are offered and would be suited to you and your needs.

Healing Time for Full Dentures

Every patient is different, therefore the time your mouth takes to heal will vary.

After 6-8 weeks swelling from extractions should have gone down and by 6 months, your gums and bone should be adjusted to their new shape.

How to Take Care of Full Dentures

Taking care of your dentures once you have received full denture implants is important. When dentures are not in use, they need to be stored safely and is recommended to use denture-soaking containers that need to be cleaned daily.

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