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What Are
Denture Relines?


It’s called a denture reline, because you have now ‘relined’ your denture! Denture relines are an essential step to getting the most from your denture. With time, the shape of your mouth will change and so denture relines allow your denture to grow with your mouth. This process is quick and easy and only need a few hours over the day for the acrylic to cure.

Why should you have your denture relined?

You should schedule denture relines to keep up with the changing shape of your mouth. This will keep them feeling comfortable and securely in place.

How often should you get your Dentures relined?

Generally, dentures should be relined every 3-4 years but there are a number of factors which can change that. It is advisable to go and see a denture professional every year for a check up on this and a clean.

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