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Acyrlic denture are normally used as temporary dentures or an interim option to replace missing gaps immediately after teeth removal.  After the gum area has healed, acrylic dentures are normally replaced with a valplast dentures or metal frame denture as a longer lasting solution.

However, if you have no teeth, then an acyrlic overdentures is the general recommended denture material type. If you still have existing teeth, a metal frame denture has several advantages. 

Use of Acyrlic Denture

You will need time for adapting if you are new to dentures as it is removable and not fixed in place. You may need to practice using, eating and talking with your dentures during the first few weeks.

If you are using an acrylic full denture without any dental implant retention, dentures can move and slip whilst talking and chewing. Dental adhesive may be used and periodontic visit to your dentist for adjustments to your full dentures is normally required to adjust or reline your full dentures as bone/gums can shrink and change over time.

Benefits of Acrylic Dentures

  • Inexpensive – Acyrlic dentures cost is economical and is a basic treatment option for teethh replacement. 

  • Good aesthetics – As there is on metal clasps or component parts, acrylic dentures looks great and can be made to a varying range of colour to match your gums.

  • Faster – the treatment timing for acrylic dentures is shorter and faster to complete compared to metal frame dentures.

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